DHS Dragon Flyer Quarantine Watchlist

Mr. Madanjian: Rear Window is a remarkable, thrilling film from suspense-master Alfred Hitchcock. Released in 1954, Rear Window finds photojournalist L.B. Jefferies (Jimmy Stewart) recovering from a broken leg. Now stuck in his apartment, Jefferies spends his days spying on his disparate neighbors. His seemingly-innocent hobby takes a nefarious turn when he comes to suspect his neighbor to be a murderer. Is it all in Jefferies housebound head? Or is he the only one truly paying attention to what’s going on in his ostensibly ordinary neighborhood? Amazingly, this film perfectly mirrors our current culture’s obsession with people-watching (via reality television and Instagram) and amateur-sleuthing. 

Kira: I am currently watching Ozark on Netflix right now and for any Breaking Bad or Criminal Minds lovers, I would highly recommend. Ozark is based on a man named Marty Byrd – a finance guy turned money launderer – and his family, who all must move to an isolated lake town get-away called the Ozarks. Marty and his wife are constantly on the clock to find the money they owe in order to keep their kids, and themselves alive. Each episode is an hour long, so it’s the perfect show to keep you entertained during quarantine. 

Arden: I recommend The Clone Wars for a quarantine binge. The Clone Wars is a Star Wars animated TV show that first aired in 2008, but don’t let that fool you. This show is, in my opinion, Star Wars at its best. The show follows Anakin Skywalker and his apprentice Ahsoka Tano as they fight in the conflict known as the Clone War. If you watched the Star Wars prequels, you’ll know that the war does not end well, but knowing the ending doesn’t make the show boring at all. We know what happens, but the question is, how did it happen? The Clone Wars fleshes out existing Star Wars characters, adds exciting new ones, and overall adds so much depth to the iconic story of light vs. dark. The show was canceled in 2014, but was recently renewed for its long awaited final season. The last episode aired on May 4th, 2020. The show finally got the ending it deserved, and so did the fans. I highly recommend this show to any Star Wars fan! The show can be found on Disney+.

Alex: I recommend The Simpsons for your binge during the quarantine. It has 30 seasons so far and all of them are on Disney+! It’s a very tasteful show with really good humor that millions of people still enjoy to this day. With such an addictive show as this with a loveable and laughable cast of characters. Sinking your time into this is a no brainer!! Jump back into the ’90s with the original seasons and follow the Simpson family all the way up to the modern age by watching The Simpsons on Disney +!!!

Meghan: Outer Banks on Netflix is my pick for this quarantine. Outer Banks is a television show about a boy named John B, and several of his friends helping him search for treasure linked to his father’s mysterious disappearance. It’s really mysterious, but is also filled with all sorts of drama and some dark spots. There’s just one season for now, but there is so much that happens, and I really recommend it to anyone looking for a show to binge.

Sarah: I really enjoyed The Great British Baking Show. The show is about a group of amateur bakers who come on the show for a friendly competition where there are multiple rounds. They all compete to be the next top baker of England. There are so many seasons, thank god, and I watch it whenever I am hungry because all of the desserts look fantastic. Everyone on the competition is very nice, the hosts are enjoyable, and most importantly, sportsmanship is a big thing. I would 100% recommend if you ever get tired of all of the fierce drama of other shows, but don’t want a slapstick comedy.  

Claire: I would recommend the show All American which is on Netflix. It’s about a high schooler, Spencer, from the neighborhood Crenshaw in Los Angeles. He has had a rough life but is amazing at football. Crenshaw is a dangerous place and Spencer is given the opportunity to play at Beverly Hills High School so he can fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL. This show is FULL of drama but I feel like it has a little something for everyone. Every episode ends with a cliffhanger that makes you just have to watch the next episode. It’s way more about the lives of the characters than football, but if you are a football fan there are great scenes everywhere! It’s two seasons and by the end you will be waiting for a third just like me.

Juliana: Dangerous Lies on Netflix is a great movie to watch if you love a good mystery. The thriller/suspense movie is about a young caregiver who doesn’t have a lot of money, her husband included, and when the elderly man that she is taking care of dies, she finds out that he left his estate to her. The caregiver is drawn into a web of lies and a murder when her and her husband began living in the elderly man’s giant house. 

Hannah: I would recommend The Secret Life of Walter Mitty for anyone looking for a quirky or adventurous movie. This movie is a coming-of-age adventure but it’s about a nerdy adult, Walter Mitty, who works for Life magazine. As the magazine is converting to online, their last cover picture is sent to Mitty, but he loses it. He’s sent on a mission around the world to find the picture and in the process, find himself. This movie doesn’t have a real genre, and it’s a little bit experimental, but it’s filled with adventure and comedy and shows what’s possible with a little bravery. 


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