Dragon Flyer Seniors Say Goodbye


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My time at DHS was an interesting experience. I’ve been in the Duxbury Public School systems since kindergarten. It’s crazy to look back and think that that was 13 years ago. On one hand, it feels like it was just yesterday, but on the other hand, it feels like forever ago. I always knew high school would mark the end of the journey, but it’s hard to believe its ending this way. This is the last week of my entire grade school career. High School had its ups and downs, but at the end of the day I am so thankful for this education and experience. I’ve been with the same kids for 13 years, and now we’re all going to part our separate ways. It’s bittersweet to say the least, even the people I didn’t know personally, I always passed them in the halls. I’ve made great friends in high school, and I know I’ll still connect with them as I go to college and then enter the real world. High School was a wild ride, and I’m excited to see what the future holds. However, it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t sad. Four years at DHS, as part of the class of 2020, is an achievement. We were the last class to experience the old middle school for one year (6th grade). We’re the class of COVID-19, who had our senior year taken away from us. We’re the class of double 20s, and everyone tells us our generation will save the world. I’m excited to see what we all do as individuals, but also as a family together. The connections we made in high school won’t go away, and we really are better together. Thank you DHS for all the memories, good and bad, and for this experience that I will never have again and definitely never forget. Good luck, class of 2020!


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From being the last class to attend the old middle school to being the first class to graduate during a global pandemic, the DHS class of 2020 is truly a special one. I remember back to freshman year, on our first ever day of high school, we were all so confused, nervous, and excited, and for good reason. Duxbury Public Schools is a fantastic school district, filled with good and bad times. Over the last four years, I have smiled, cried, screamed, and laughed until I cried more times than I can remember, but all those experiences have shaped me into who I am today. I have met many amazing people, but my small, close-knit group of friends mean so much to me, and I will miss them immensely next year. But, I know we will stay in touch and definitely visit, no matter what it takes. Although I am not friends with everyone in my grade, I am so beyond thankful for them, and I will never forget all the good and bad times we’ve shared together. From Alden School fire drills in the middle of winter, to 8th grade semi, to high school exams, to 80s day this past fall, and last but certainly not least, to (hopefully) senior prom and graduation in August, the class of 2020 has stuck together the whole time. It’s really hard to imagine that I won’t be walking through those halls on my way to class, eating lunch in breadboard, or saying hi to my teachers in the halls ever again. With that said, it’s incredibly disappointing that our senior year is ending this way, but that hasn’t stopped our class from connecting with each other and working with our amazing administration to give us all the things and events we deserve to end our high school career with. That is something I love about 2020 and DHS. The connections between our classmates, teachers, staff, and administration is something I will miss very much, but I am so grateful for being able to have spent the past four years here. Time has gone by way too fast, and I wish I could take some of that time back, but I am forever thankful I had the chance to be a student here at DHS. Thank you for everything. To my fellow class of 2020, thank you and good luck.


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My time at DHS has been a wild ride. When I came here in eighth grade, I liked it so much more than the last school that I was at, which was a private school. Coming into ninth grade, I was pretty nervous because we went from being the oldest in middle school to the youngest in high school, and it took a while to get used to that. I have met some amazing people and had amazing teachers who really helped me, and some of them, I had for two years and have known for my whole high school career, so it is sad to have to say goodbye but I am happy that I got to know them. I have had lots of memories at DHS, and the best ones by far were definitely senior year spirit week and homecoming. I will cherish those days for the rest of my life. If this virus has taught me anything at all, it is to never take anything for granted.There were days when I just did not want to go to school and I wished that we never had to go, but I realize how much I miss it now that we have been out for weeks. I regret ever taking school, senior year especially, for granted because now we will never be able to walk the hallways with our classmates again. Of course I am going to go back and visit, but it will not be the same. I could not imagine spending the last four years of my life anywhere else. I remember freshman year like it was yesterday, which is kind of scary, and I never would have guessed where I would be and where the world would be by the end of my senior year. It’s sad and it makes me angry that we had to end out the year like this, but safety and everyone’s health is obviously the most important thing. The connection that I made with teachers and administration is something I will never forget and the amazing friends that I made is something I am so grateful for. I can not thank DHS enough–the teachers, administration, classmates, and friends who have been with me since the beginning of high school. We got through those four years together and now we are going to move onto the next chapter of our life and accomplish great things. Although it is a very sad and confusing time, I am so, so grateful for my time at DHS. To quote Winnie-the-Pooh, “How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” To my class of 2020, thank you so much and good luck with the next chapter of your lives. 


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My time at DHS has been an interesting one to say the least. When I first went into high school I was told that it would fly by and before I knew it, it’d be over. I can certainly see where they were coming from but, on the other hand, I disagree a little. There were some points of my high school career that seemed like they’d never end and others that I didn’t want to end. Freshman year seems like a lifetime ago yet I feel like I just really started my senior year and now it’s over. I think so many people get caught up with what they’re doing in their everyday life that they don’t appreciate what they have until it’s gone. I’m not sure if that can be exactly said for me during my time at Duxbury High School but I do think there’s a larger point in that. Sure, there are opportunities I would’ve seized if I knew of them in previous years in my high school experience, but I didn’t. I did my best to take it as it came and feel as if I’ve succeeded, I have definitely come a long way since freshman year in more ways than one.I’ve also experienced many new things for better or for worse throughout my time in high school. I honestly wasn’t expecting this much of an anti-climatic ending but here we are. I made some really good friends throughout my time here and I’m glad I met them. I also took a few really interesting classes with some really interesting people (I’m looking at you, Mr. Man). Overall, a solid experience to say the least. My High School Experience: 7/10, would not try again. ;-;


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When I think back on the past four years, I think of my best friends, I think of my cheerleading team, the people who have come and gone, the teachers who really left an impact, and I think of all the ways in which I’ve grown up and changed, how consistent and beautiful my high school career was. In two weeks, I would have walked across the stage with my four best friends from our preschool playgroup to shake Mr. Donovan’s hand and receive our diplomas. In three weeks, I would have been hopping on an airplane with three of those best friends to explore Italy on a senior trip. It is really hard to think of these next few weeks without thinking of the things we have lost because of the pandemic, but when I look back on the past four years, it is overwhelmingly easy to appreciate everything that we have gained. A trip to Disney World our freshman year, six back-to-back State Championships with a team that was family to me, a junior prom, four spirit weeks, two senior seasons as captain, team sleepovers, before school coffee with my friends, a high school education, a commitment to one of my top colleges, and a strong foundation on which my future will lie. I know we are all searching for the closure we were promised, the chance to sign yearbooks and hug our teachers goodbye, but I find comfort in the fact that even without those expected moments, what we have gained these past four years is permanent. Thank you DHS, love you.


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