Walkin’ the walk and talkin’ the talk with Ms. Walker

by Molly O.

Everyone has had their experiences handling the pandemic, but what is like for our teachers? Ms. Walker, who teaches English at Duxbury Middle School, talked about her experience handling the pandemic. Through her experience, students can hopefully broaden their perspective and take a new look at how their education has changed.

The changes and safety regulations brought on by the pandemic have made it a lot harder for teachers to do their jobs effectively.

“The biggest [issue] is less time. I like spending time in class with students and working on longer projects,” said Ms. Walker “and that’s just not happening this year.”

The new protocols have made it difficult for Ms. Walker to do more artsy projects with her students. Another challenge that the pandemic has presented is having to incorporate technology.

However, not every aspect of the new situation is bad, it has even opened some opportunities.

“I think it has pushed me to change things, sometimes teachers get really comfortable if they’ve been teaching something for years, they keep doing it the same way,” said Ms. Walker. “This has forced me to think, how can I add more technology here? How can I make it totally digital instead of on paper?”

Ms. Walker has been teaching for five years, three years in the United States, and two years in South Korea. Her favorite teacher as a student was Mr. Galusha, who she said was the first teacher that she had had who made his students feel like their ideas mattered and that they could change the world one day. Ms. Walker did not always know that she would become a teacher.

“The last thing I ever wanted to be growing up was a teacher, I was dead set on being a writer or a publisher,” said Ms. Walker “But when I went to Korea to teach, I realized I loved the classroom, especially the middle school classroom.”

Ms. Walker’s experiences as a teacher have most definitely affected how she handled and is continuing to handle the pandemic. If students have been having a difficult school year, they should take comfort in knowing they aren’t alone.

“We’re more nervous standing up there than you think, sometimes we’re trying out a new lesson and we don’t know if it’s going to go well and just [to] be patient and have a sense of humor along with us.”

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