A Class of Hope: 2021 Seniors Able to Celebrate Together Again

by Maya S.

The class of 2021 has gone through major changes in the past year, from fully remote learning last spring to hybrid learning this fall. There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel, however, for seniors in the final quarter of high school. On April 5th, students made the full return back to school. This brought the senior class together once more for their final few weeks of high school. Thanks to the help of Student Council and leadership from Senior Class President Wes M multiple “normal” senior events have been scheduled to celebrate the class of 2021. 

After seeing seniors in the class of 2020 lose a lot of memorable high school experiences and opportunities with their classmates, Wes plans to change that with a traditional Spirit Week, senior lunch on Decades Day, Senior Formal, and a senior class trip to Six Flags. 

He notes that a lot of seniors have a new sense of gratitude for these experiences, “most seniors are grateful for these opportunities because I think there was a period of time where it looked really grim or that maybe these events wouldn’t be able to happen.”

Wes is very excited about new events that the seniors are able to have that are different from past years. 

“I think even where we’ve lost things we’ve gained really fun new things that maybe that will become a tradition in future years,” Wes said. He explained that while DHS cannot hold a pep rally this year, they will have a senior barbeque on the football turf catered by Chick-fil-A on the final day of spirit week.

It wasn’t until very recently that these senior events have been possible. While the student council has been planning various options for a prom or formal since the beginning of the year it wasn’t until changing guidelines that allowed for Senior Formal to take place at Gillette on May 13th. 

“I’m really happy with what we’ve got. I think it’s the most similar to a prom we would have seen in past years. I’m psyched about it,” said Wes.

When talking to other senior class members, most students were looking forward to spirit week and their iconic 80s day. The five themes for Spirit Week 2021 are: America Day, Pop Culture Day, Class Day, Dressing Day and Decades Day. Seniors seem especially excited to celebrate Decades Day with their entire class together. 

For senior Frannie B she’s most looking forward to spirit week. 

“I think it’s a really fun time. We take pictures and it’s a good moment for a senior unity event.” 

These unifying events are certainly a great way for the class of 2021 to end their high school career with all their best friends and classmates by their side. The next upcoming event for seniors is the Senior Formal.

Senior Formal is on Thursday, May 13th at Gillette Stadium. The red carpet this year will be livestreamed for parents, siblings, friends, and members of the Duxbury community to watch. The school is hoping for guidelines to change so that the class will be able to be all together, but at the moment the Senior Formal is at two separate venues at the same location on the same night in order to meet COVID regulations. Half of the senior class will be at the East Concourse and the other half will be at the West Concourse.

Seniors like Johanna T are disappointed that they will not be able to have prom with their entire grade like previous years. Yet, she is still so grateful for the school’s ability to even hold a prom.

“I really wanted a prom last year and this is a good replacement,” said senior Johanna T who is looking forward to being able to dress up like a normal prom. 

“I’m psyched about it,” said Wes, “I’m really happy with what we’ve got. I think it’s the most similar to a prom we would have seen in past years.”

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