Spring(ing) into Spring Sports

by Merry G.

As the “Floating Fall 2” season has ended, next up at bat is Spring Sports. The “Fall 2” season was put in place between what usually would have been the winter and spring sports. Therefore, spring sports were pushed back in the year and ultimately caused this school year to have four seasons of sports. Usually, there are only three seasons of sports in a school year.  

The sports that play in the spring time include Girls/ Boys Lacrosse, Girls/ Boys Tennis, Baseball, Softball, Girls Golf, Sailing, Rowing, and Unified Track and Field. Additionally, some sports have moved to the spring season, making it larger than normal. These sports are Wrestling, Spring Cheerleading, and Girls/ Boys Track and Field. 

Many students around Duxbury High School are involved in sports, and the general comradery and experience is all the same. This year’s message from the Student Council of “Ignite Change” perfectly embodies the athletic department because of its strong support system, given opportunities to students, and friendly comradery. 

Shuan C, a DHS senior and captain of the Boys Tennis team, is ecstatic to come back this season after his junior year being cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

“I look forward to competing again and being part of the team and teaching the younger members of the team,” said Shaun. “We organized numerous pre-season practices, and it was more of a matter of bringing the group back together to prepare for the year.”

Chloe L, a captain of the softball team feels the same. This is Chloe’s 4th and final season on the team. 

“My teammates have me coming back each year and my love for the sport,” said Chloe L. 

This is a common feeling among the nostalgic senior athletes. With their last season just beginning, there’s so much to look forward too, yet so much to look back on and admire. 

This past week, the week of May 2nd, spring sports at Duxbury High School resumed after a 684 day hiatus. During the season openers for Spring Sports, the Dragons continued to work hard and earn their wins. 

Boy’s Tennis swept the court winning 5-0 over Whitman-Hanson. Softball also gave a strong effort against Whitman-Hanson but fell short of the Panthers 5-4. Boys’ and Girls’ lacrosse both won over their opponent Marshfield. 

For Girls Lacrosse, however, this was an extra special day. This was their Senior Game.

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