Real reasons for favorite seasons

by Lina S.

Weather is one of the most important things that keeps people happy and makes life exciting to live. Favorite seasons vary from student to student, and living in Duxbury, people have seen lots of different kinds of weather throughout the four seasons. Some types are more favorable than others, and it is intriguing to learn about the reasons behind them. 

Isabella V., a freshman at Duxbury High School, said that summer is her favorite season because of warm weather, swimming at the beach, and not having school. 

“Winter is my least favorite because it can get dark outside and most trees look dead,” said Isabella. “I prefer warm weather over cold.” 

She really likes summer evenings, where the day is beginning to cool off evenly. 

Mackenzie P., also a freshman, said her favorite season is spring. 

“I love watching nature come back to life after winter is all done,” said Mackenzie. “I also love all of the warm weather and bright colors that come with it. I love spring because it means summer and all the fun activities that come with it are right around the corner.” 

She said she also liked summer, because it’s a warmer version of spring, and she gets to go to Moose River Outpost up in northern Maine for summer camp, which is one of her favorite places to go. Isabella said she likes to go to Florida and Martha’s Vineyard, since those places are warm and nice.

Mr. Donovan, the DHS principal, said his favorite season is the fall. The colors, the atmosphere, it all makes fall enjoyable. 

“I absolutely love the cool fall mornings,” he said. “But I am not well suited for heat and humidity, the middle of the summer is the worst.” 

He said that his favorite weather was present in New Hampshire and upstate New York, where “July is pretty incredible.” 

He also said that extreme weather is his favorite, so captivating and exciting. 

If Isabella had to pick one season to live in for the rest of her life, she would choose “fall, because the weather is very nice, and even though it can get cool, it can also be warm. As much as I love summer and the heat, I wouldn’t want to live in it year-round.” 

Mackenzie said she would choose fall as well. 

“I love the fall colors, and when autumn comes it means it’s sweater weather,” she said. “The aesthetic of autumn is also really enjoyable.”

Both Mackenzie and Isabella said that rainy weather meant a good day to read, watch movies, bake, draw, and hear the rain hitting the roof peacefully. 

If Isabella had to create a season of any kind of weather, she said she would make it be cool and sunny, and never dark, “so you could go to bed and wake up at any time and it would always be light out.”

Mackenzie’s creative season would be one with snow but warm temperatures, where the snow wouldn’t melt for a while, that way “it would allow everyone to enjoy the heat but also have a fun way to cool off when needed”. 

Mr. Donovan would want to create a season where it would go from hurricanes to blizzards. 

“I would alternate between the two,” he said. “The chaos is amazing, and weather overall reminds you just how much you can’t control, and that there are forces that are so powerful. It’s incredible.” 

Favorite seasons and weather show a lot about our personalities, agreed Mackenzie and Isabella. 

“I don’t really think that the seasons dictate who we are as people. I think that it’s more up to us,” said Mackenzie. 

Isabella also thought the same. 

“Because seasons vary with temperature and other weather, that does say something about what a person likes, but not who they are as people overall.” 

Living in New England and by the ocean, residents see so many different versions of weather, along with the four seasons. It is interesting to see how people think and feel about each one, and where their peace and happiness really lies with nature. As people live through the years in Duxbury, they can always learn more about what causes the weather they enjoy, and take their interests to find out about all kinds of weather. And if those imaginary seasons really do exist, there’s a lot more to explore in the future of weather.

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