Peril in parking lot

by Molly T.

Imagine: Cars are whipping around the student parking lot at speeds much higher than they should be. Middle schoolers and high schoolers alike are trying to safely reach either their cars or the Steele building, but have to look both ways and then sprint across the parking lot to avoid being run over. Horns are honking. Music is blaring. Cars are driving up over the grass. Cars are cutting each other off left and right. Traffic is backed up all the way to the tennis courts – now stop imagining, because this is the reality of after school traffic in the student parking lot at Duxbury High School. 

Ever since April 5, when students returned to school fully in person, parking and traffic have become a mess. Prior to April 5, there were no assigned parking spaces in the student lot and there were a minimal number of student drivers each day, therefore neither traffic nor parking presented itself as a big issue. 

When commenting on the chaos in the parking lot, senior Johanna T said “I feel like there’s no rules or way to tell how it’s ordered.”

A number of factors contribute to the chaos in the student parking lot and the extreme traffic on St. George and Alden street after school. 

First off, the organization of the student parking lot had caused countless traffic jams. In order to get home, some students need to take a left out of the parking lot, while others need to take a right. There is little consideration for that point when assigning parking spaces. Therefore some students must cross from the left side of the parking lot to the right side of the parking lot, since both exits are only one way turns. 

Adding to the disorganization is underclassmen and middle school parents who wait to pick up their children in the student parking lot (even though this is against the rules) instead of waiting in the pick up line to get their kids. This causes the two way traffic in the student parking lot to halt. 

Additionally, student athletes are trying to pull into the parking lot to get to the Steele Building in time for their practice while students are trying to pull out, which only contributes to an already disorderly traffic flow.

Immature and inexperienced high school drivers ignoring traffic patterns also contribute to the chaos in the student parking lot, “People treat it like a one way” comments junior Elizabeth C.

While there have been efforts to ease the strain of the traffic, such as having Mr. Warmington directs traffic up by the library, expanding the student pick up zone in the afternoon to in front of the high school as well as in front of the middle school, among other things, none of the solutions have worked as intended to the best of their ability.

Student suggestions to remedy the many issues of the student parking lot and the traffic are rolling in left and right. 

“They should organize people by which side of town they live on,” said senior James S. “And they should make it based on attendance,” he adds.

“There’s no way to apply for a better spot which would be a good idea,” said Johanna T.

Unfortunately, it seems like there is little that can be done to fix the time-consuming parking and traffic issues on and surrounding the school campus.

What do you think?

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