Preparing for Prom

by Lucy F.

Prom is the kind of event that high school students will remember for the rest of their lives. Prom pictures will be seen for years to come, shown to future children and grandchildren. 

There is a substantial amount of effort and time that goes into preparing for a prom by so many different people. 

“Our STUCO advisors do so much work helping the students plan the event. Mrs. Bonneau, Ms. Xu, Ms. Levine and Mrs. O’Brien are also huge parts of planning prom,” said Mr. Warmington. 

Mr. Warmington says the juniors that host the prom start the preparation about halfway through their sophomore year. “STUCO and the student and staff advisors never take time off working to ensure activities are happening throughout the year,” said Mr. Warmington. 

Students that don’t participate in STUCO still have some responsibilities to fulfill. 

A senior at DHS, Alli H. says she started preparing for prom a few months ago. 

“I really wanted to have a perfect dress and that takes a while to find.”

There are so many factors that go into planning a prom. Finding a venue, food options, decorations, transportation, and ticket sales are all big concerns.  Mr. Warmington says the aspect of the prom that takes the longest to prepare is securing the venue. 

“Usually we begin to secure a venue in the late winter to spring the year prior to the event,” says Mr. Warmington. They have to make sure that they secure a venue early to beat out other competing parties such as other proms and weddings. They also have to make sure the venue is suitable to host all of the students. This year is expected to have over 500 kids attend the prom.

There is also a lot of work that goes into decorating the venue. This year both the senior and junior officers are making the centerpieces for each table. 

“It will probably take a week or so to finish one centerpiece for over 40 tables,” says Cambell J, senior class president. 

The cost of the prom can also get pretty hefty. 

“The decorations can get pretty expensive so our planning committees have definitely been trying to figure out what we really need or what we really do not need,” said Campbell J. 

With addition to the cost of the venue and food it can really add up, So selling tickets is very important to execute such a lavish night. 

There are a lot of things that could go wrong when preparing the prom weather, transportation, behavior, the car parade, dinner and making sure everyone has the correct meal and much more. But Mr. Warmignton has a different top concern.

 “What makes me the most nervous is just making sure no one leaves disappointed.” 

So many people go into making this a memorable moment. “Even parents are usually involved in the organization of prom when it comes to the set up of carpet, the direction of traffic, planning for their individual children, advisors for each class, and then the PTO has some very helpful contributions as well,” said Campbell J.

For people that have attended a prom previously, this event is something that they look forward to, even teachers look forward to this event. 

“My favorite thing about prom would have to be how everyone dances for hours together in a huge group and absolutely no one runs out of energy,” said Campbell J. 

Mr. Warmington’s favorite part of the prom is the community it brings together. “People who no longer have any affiliation to the school still turn up for the car parade and look forward to seeing pictures on social media or in the Clipper,” said Mr. Warmington.

So many people do all they can to make this a memorable night and hopefully their hard work pays off. The prom is on May 7th and you come to watch the red carpet at DHS at 5:00pm.

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