The cult of cookies: Crumbl consumes DHS

by Katie M.

Crumbl has taken over the town of Duxbury. Despite the nearest location being in Hanover, students and adults are raving over the new cookie bakery. Although some say it is another meaningless fad that will end soon, others really enjoy it and believe it will stick around for a long time. This bakery has been able to intrigue the population town wide because of its unique system. Every week there is a new set of cookie flavors, with the exception of chocolate chip and pink sugar cookies. 

Crumbl has even gotten so popular that there are people who go every week. Senior Emily M is devoted to Crumbl cookies. 

“I go every week. I get a whole box of all the flavors that week and bring it home for my family. It will usually last us the week, and we eat bits of it throughout the week. It’s expensive, but it lasts the whole week.” 

Emily M brings up a point that people debate: the price. Many argue that it is too expensive, while others don’t think so. Each individual cookie is $4, a box of 4 cookies is $13, and a party box is $33 (a dozen). 

Senior Anie F has found the sweet spot in her spending for the cookies.

 “I usually get 2 at a time, so that’s like $8. I personally think getting a huge box is a waste of money, I’d never spend $33 on 12 cookies… but getting a couple isn’t a waste I think that’s worth it.” 

There is a trend where people who only get a couple cookies at a time don’t have problems with the price. 

However, there are still people who think they are too expensive like senior Molly T. 

“I went to Crumbl once. It was good but for me it was not worth driving there.” 

Many like Molly have complained about the distance because it is roughly 15-20 minutes away from Duxbury. 

Some consumers in Duxbury said they would go more often if it was closer. In Molly’s thought process, “The cookies are good, but to get them I have to drive 20 minutes to Hanover, and then pay $4 for a single cookie. If someone got me the cookies I’d gladly eat them, but for me to go myself? I’d probably just go to the supermarket.” 

There are also options for catering, merchandise, and even ice cream. It is very visually appealing; the store design and the cookies. It has become so popular because it is suitable for children and adults, many parents have gotten catering for their children’s birthday parties. 

Despite the bakery’s critiques, a majority of Duxbury is willing to make the drive and payments for the cookies. Others disagree. Crumbl has been around for a while now, and it has no sign of ending in popularity anytime soon.

What do you think?

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