Duxbury Dragons prep for flight to Europe

by Alianna C.

Next school year during April vacation a sum of 25 students will be traveling to Europe for the first time in years within the Duxbury public school system. The overall trip is costly, but not bad for making multiple stops around Europe. It costs $4,279 for each student to attend and includes everything from flight fares to food. The trip is being organized by Ms. Sullivan, Ms. Hart, and Ms. O’Connell. 

“They have done such a good job planning and been really dedicated to ensuring it will be a safe and eventful trip” McKenna C, junior attending the trip at DHS said. 

Fundraising for this big trip has been a major source of income. The group of 25 will be hosting several bake sales in the fall to raise money. 

They are also considering a car wash and a road race. “I will not be running it but I will donate the money for it,” said Sophia R, a junior attending the trip.  

Their ten-day trip will take place in Germany, Italy, and France. They will also be driving through Austria and biking through Neis. The group will be visiting concentration camps in Germany and attending Holocaust museums. Tuscan cooking class, a glass blowing class, visiting Dol White mountains, and staying in a small village are also part of the trip. 

“I’m excited to go out of my comfort zone to another country and see things that I would never imagine seeing in my younger years,” McKenna C said. 

Another student was signed up for the trip but had to give up his spot to another student. Those in varsity spring sports will not be able to go on the journey because of games and practices. 

“I just hope that I am not missing a trip to Europe, just to lose in the playoffs,” said junior Teddy W.

It is a big price to pay, but a ten-day trip to Europe isn’t half bad with all the memories and experiences they will share.

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