Deflategate 2.0

BeFunky CollageBy: Peter G.

So we are at this point once again in the Deflategate saga. Tom Brady’s suspension of four games due to the suspicion of his tampering with NFL game balls has been put back in place after the case was taken to the U.S. Court of Appeals last month. Circuit Judge Barrington Daniels Parker, Jr., joined by Circuit Judge Chin, wrote that they could not “second-guess” the arbitration but were merely determining that it “met the minimum legal standards established by the Labor Management Relations Act of 1947” Basically, this means that if you are not a Patriots fan, you hate the Patriots.

After the “Kill-Everything Tour” of the 2015-2016 season came to an end for the New England Patriots, very few were thinking about a suspension being brought back on by the tyrant named Roger Goodell. But oh no, Roger had something else all planned for us. Of course, I do have a huge bias towards the Patriots, but come on, everyone knows how bad of a commissioner big Goodell is (yes, I mean he’s worse than Gary Bettman for all of the hockey nuts reading this article).

Actually let us move a little bit off topic and just talk about how horrible Czar Goodell is. Sophomore Aidan Q. said, “He is a scoundrel and a fool. I would rather trust a horse to run the league than have him running the league.” about his thoughts on Goodell. Sophomore William O. said, “He’s a power hungry dictator who contradicts his own ideas. He has set out to drag the greatest human being alive through the mud to try to keep his name clean.”

Alright so back to deflategate. THE PUNISHMENT DOES NOT FIT THE CRIME. I mean are you kidding me? Four regular season games for suspicion? It is absolutely ludicrous that anyone would ever think that this is a logical punishment. A wise man once told me, “The proof is in the pudding.” But the real problem here is that there is no pudding. There isn’t even a Snack Pack (Snack Pack is forever the greatest pudding brand) of pudding.

Sophomore Ryan M. (in a livid tone) said, “There is absolutely nothing fair about it. They suspended the greatest quarterback in the NFL for being exactly that, the greatest quarterback in the NFL. They have absolutely no proof that Tom committed these acts. The only reason that they suspended him  for four games is because Goodell thinks that we will lose all of those games. He is dead wrong. Also who needs a first round draft pick when you have the best team already?” about the harsh penalties given down.

William O. said, “The punishment does not fit the crime. Punishment should be dealt out like the legal system, beyond reasonable doubt. In Brady’s case, evidence has been presented not just to show that there is little chance that he did it, but that there is no chance that he did it. Every piece of evidence has had a counterpoint to back it up and even at that, you should not be allowed to punish a player so severely purely based on suspicion. The NFL should have settled on a $100k or so fine and left it at that.”

So,  there you have it folks. An innocent, amazing man being punished by a power-enraged commissioner who has shameless yes-men telling him that he is right. I have incredible respect for the United States Justice System, but in no way is this justice. Us Patriots’ fans will not go down without a fight, and make no doubt about it, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. will one day be free at last.



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