Recycling: Does DHS?

By: Molly Norton, Lia Stapinski, Fletcher Donohoe, Kacey Decker, and Michael Coletti

According to a Dragon Flyer poll of 68 students, 96 percent don’t think that the school recycles.

Scott Stone, a janitor, spoke about what happens to the trash around school. This DHS janitor said in fact that DHS does recycle. “As far as I know, it is my understanding that the night custodians empty them into the larger green recycle bins,” said Stone.

The recycling dumpster is located in the back of the school behind the cafeteria, adjacent to the compactor. The blue bins located in the classrooms are handled by the night janitors. Stone also said, “The recyclables get dumped into the larger dumpsters out behind the school, which then gets taken off site to a recycling center that re-uses the materials”.

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The night janitors are suppose to then take those bins and dump the recyclables in the larger green Waste Management containers.

There have been blue bins in each classroom ever since the opening of the new school in order to become conscious of recycling and preserve the environment.IMG_6596

Mrs. Barbara Bartlett is in charge of operations and finances. Mrs. Bartlett said, “Waste and recycling budget is $60,000—includes all the schools, Steele and athletic fields.” The school has three dumpsters outside, one of which is a compactor for trash, and the other two for recycle materials. Alden school also has two of their own recycling dumpsters.

The company Waste management is responsible for the pick up of Duxbury High Schools trash and recycling.


Waste Management offers an online chat service to answer questions for customers. This is similar to the help chats that are available to people in online shopping. Though they did not give last names, Benjamin and Charlene are the two employees that responded in the chat.

According to Benjamin from Waste Management, the recycling dumpsters are scheduled for weekly service every Tuesday. The company does not sort the recyclables from the trash he said, “It is the residents or customers responsibility to separate recycling materials from the trash.” DHS students must put recycling material in the blue bins or else it will not get done.

Another Waste Management employee, Charlene, also responded, “Once it is in the trash, we do not separate it. It is very important to keep the recycling with the recycling.”

So if DHS students and staff put recyclable materials in a trash can, those items will not be recycled.

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Mrs. Bartlett explained that Waste Management is simply the best deal for both the town and schools.

The school is not regulated by the town on how they deal with their recycling.

Bruce O’Neil, the Operations manager at the Duxbury Transfer and recycling station said, “The school dept. needs no permits for recycling and can use any company they desire.” DHS has chosen Waste Management on their own accord. The school has what seems like autonomy from the town as to what they do with waste and recycling.

What do you think?

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