Double Debut

by Sarah C.

The curtain rises on a new year at Duxbury High school. A new year full of plays and musicals to be put on for the students of Duxbury High school.

For senior and second-time director Julia Ciesielski, this year includes a familiar opportunity. For the second year in a row, Julia has been granted the position of student director of the school musical.

After breaking the record for the highest attended musical last year according to Duxbury Drama Club with Beauty and the Beast, the musical department found it an easy decision to choose Julia as the student director for Les Miserable.

Julia originally took the position because she wanted to keep herself busy. 

“I was in the musical both my freshman and sophomore year, and I had fallen in love with the entire process,” said Julia. 

Although she had a lot of experience being in the musical, she still wanted to experience what it would be like to be directing instead of acting. 

Julia’s passion for theatre shows overtly through her work, and her actors notice it the most. 

“It was so much fun to work with her,” said junior Brody D, an ensemble member of Beauty in the Beast.

The musical has not yet begun rehearsal and already Julia is applying knowledge gained from last year into Les Miserable

Jeff, Mr. Judge and I made a rehearsal schedule which outlines everything that we will be doing on those days,” Julia explains. “I have a lot more ideas for how I want to go about certain situations and there will be a lot more changes with round two.”

An obvious talent, Julia plans to continue her passion for theatre in college as an acting major. 

“Acting is definitely my first love, but directing has certainly bumped its way up to the second slot.”

Duxbury High School anxiously awaits the second Julia Ciesielski musical in the Performing Art Center.

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