Flip Flop Phenomenon

Feet in the summertime
Feet in the summertime

As spring and summer are approaching spring and summer styles and trends come along with it. So now it is time to address the real dress code problem, can guys wear flip flops?


Sophomore Kate B. said, “I don’t really mind as long as they look presentable, if they wear socks and flip flops then that’s a problem.”

Guys who enjoy wearing flip flops in the summertime enjoy the easiness and convenience factor of them. Sophomore Andrew B. is a big fan of flip flops. Evan B., sophomore, said, “I’m all for flip flops, I like to let my feet breathe.” Freshman Brian C. said, “Flip flops are pretty stylish, I usually break mine out around late May to early June.”

However when do boys need to draw the line? While wearing flip flops is easy and comfortable if they have gross feet have they gone too far? And how gross is too gross?

Junior Annie T. said, “Stick to Sperry’s if you have hairy feet.” Sophomore Sophie T. thinks the basic needs of personal hygiene should apply. She said, “I think it’s acceptable if they ‘groom’ their feet, especially in the summer because it can get hot.”

As for personal hygiene Andrew B. said, “I always clip my toenails.” Junior Kyle A. said, “I don’t really spend that much time looking at other people’s feet but they’re really not that hard to clean.” Freshman Alex H. said, “If your feet are gross then no one wants to see it, but if that’s your thing then go for it.”

However not everyone takes notice in what people’s feet look like. Junior Will D. said, “I don’t have a problem with people wearing flip flops as long as they aren’t shoving their feet in my face I don’t notice them.” Junior Victoria G. said, “They honestly don’t bother me, I usually don’t look at their feet.”

So where is it acceptable to wear flip flops? Alex H. said, “I think they should be limited to the beach and pool.” Sophomore Kevin C. said, “I only wear them to the beach and that’s it.” Junior Kailin M. agreed with Alex H. She said, “I wear flip flops to the beach and pool but I don’t really wear them out.”

Not all guys take part of the flip flop phenomenon. Kyle A. said, “I don’t really like wearing them because they fall off my feet, so I prefer going barefoot or wear sneakers.”

What do you think?

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