Link Crew: The Program’s Effect on Freshmen

The Link Crew logo shows the target goals of the program.

By: Molly C.

Link Crew is a program that introduces freshmen and new students to Duxbury High School and its customs. The organization gives students the opportunity to learn their way around the new school and feel comfortable with their new surroundings.

The training and preparation that anticipates Link Crew orientation has been the same since the beginning, said assistant principal Mr. Donovan. The two training days includedfour and a half to five hours of the Link leaders learning their way around the school and preparing activities that will be used on Link Day. “This year is important as the first year we ran it,” said Mr. Donovan.

Many students found the program useful in helping them transition into high school. Freshman Paddy B. said, “I learned my way around the school easily.”

Other freshman did not find the program as effective. “It didn’t help me find my way around,” said freshman Will B. He also said that the pizza should be ordered later in the day since by the time they were able to eat, it was already cold. Freshman Malcolm E. said, “The activities were not productive.”

The Link Crew put in a lot of time and effort to run orientation day. Junior Link Leader Junior Abbey M. said that she thinks the program is an appreciable effort that the school puts out every year. “They would have been even more lost without Link Day,” said Abbey.

Senior Liam B. and Abbey M. both agreed, though, that Link should have some changes implemented with the new school. Liam B. said, “There needs to be more structure with the groups.” “I think we should have a different set of activities,” added Abbey M.

“ The activities we did [at Link Day] ended the awkwardness,” said Junior Nicole D. on her experience with Link Day when she was an incoming freshman. She said that she thought the process was helpful, but may be different now because of the new school.

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