Senioritis Strikes DHS

By Morgan R


Senioritis: a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.  

This infectious disease with symptoms of laziness and low participation has hit DHS. Some students  caught it sooner than others, but as  the year comes to an end for the class of 2016, senioritis has become more widespread.  Sophomore Sophie L said, “ I know some of the seniors develop a ‘Don’t care’ attitude, especially towards the end of the year.”  As well as Senior Delia Danielle who  said “I miss about one day a week of school.”

Senior Megan T said, “We are all ready and excited to move on with our lives.”

On the contrary, one can only have so many absences  and missed homework assignments. Also, nobody wants a detention for being late.

Wandering the halls, sleeping in , frequently going to the nurse, and less motivation to do school work are a few symptoms of senioritis . Senior Beth B said “ I can barely get my homework done at night, and then I show up late just so I can get Gunther Tooties.”

Some Seniors get this sickness a little too early.  With the belief that since they have already been accepted to college, High School is already over. Senior Megan T said “It’s important to maintain a decent GPA, even if you are already committed to a college.”  Lily S said “ After the college application process everyone is so exhausted.”

Getting senioritis is easy , but coping with it is harder. Senior Delia D said, “The class of 2016 should try and enjoy our last moments together at DHS. “

The seniors get out at the end of May. Sophomore Sophie L said “ They have been living the same routine since 6th grade, most seniors are dying to leave.”

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