The Struggle of the DHS Parking Lot

By Aidan T., Brooke S., Lizzy C., and Ella R.


The messy parking lot situation is a common struggle that unites all students at DHS.

Beginning with the infamous “Trail of Tears” while construction was still underway, the parking lot has been a sore subject for many students at the high school. “I don’t approve of [the parking lot],” said senior George W. “It’s very cluttered. When I’m trying to get out of school there’s a long line of cars and it takes forever.”

For many students, the afternoon parking lot situation is the most difficult time. Senior Adam C. said, “Especially right after school when everyone is leaves the most. There’s a lot of traffic getting out because everyone’s leaving the same place at one time.”

Safety has also been an issue for some student in the parking lot. “When I’m walking to track or to my friend’s car, I have to be careful because people drive so fast,” said sophomore James Fitzgerald. George W. said, “I’ve almost been hit by cars a few times.”

The general consensus for most students is the parking lot is very disorganized. Senior Grace H. said, “It could be more organized. Senior Lill F. said, “ I mean we did just get this new school so they could have planned it better.”

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