Shelter In Place and Lockdowns at Duxbury High School

Last month, Duxbury High School experienced the first Shelter in place of the school year.

This Shelter in place unfolded during lunch block.

As the Shelter in place took effect, many students felt unsure and a bit shaken up.

“I was in Breadboard and it seemed a little disorganized,” said Matt P. a senior at Duxbury High School “No one really knew where to go.”

About two weeks later, Principal Donovan hosted a meeting for all grades separately where he discussed the Shelter in place situation and went into more depth with the help of Officer Jumali on what Duxbury High School’s Shelter in place and lockdown procedure was.

We got to catch up with some students and see if their opinions on safety in the school had changed at since hearing the meeting. Matt Peters said “Originally I was a little concerned about the lockdown procedure because I didn’t think it felt that safe,” said Matt P. “After hearing Officer Jumali and Mr. Donovan talk about the whole procedure in depth it felt very reassuring, I definitely feel more safe after hearing that.”

Senior Henry R. was in a classroom during the Shelter in place and maintains he has always felt safe in school.

“I was in my classroom during the shelter in place situation and honestly I never felt unsafe,” said Henry R. “After going and hearing Officer Jumali talk about the procedure it seemed like they had things under control and were working hard to make the school as safe as it can be.”

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