Musical Friday

By Anouk L.

On Fridays, students and teachers here at Duxbury High School often notice the music playing on the speakers. The songs, mostly chosen by Mr. Donovan and Mrs. McGuire, lift the spirits of everyone here at DHS.

Mr. Mael, a history teacher at DHS, is a huge fan of Duxbury’s music policy.

“As a teacher, I love the music in the hallways, I wish it played more often! I’m a big music fan and I think music really connects people,” said Mr. Mael. “So you can see students bonding over a song they like during passing time, or sometimes I’ll lip sync the words with teachers who also know the song.”

Anya T., a junior at DHS, agrees with Mr. Mael’s positive outlook on the music.

“I like having music on Fridays. I think that it’s fun to listen to and it’s surprising to see what kind of music they are going to play.”

Although some students might criticize the music choices, Principal Donovan explained he has to make sure that the songs are appropriate for 8th graders and high school students. This had led to some repetition.

“Playing for five years on Fridays since the new school opened,” said Principal Donovan, “the people responsible for the music have sometimes had to recycle the songs.”

Once, Mr. Mael got lucky and took advantage of the school’s tradition.

“Earlier this year I even got to pick out a playlist for one Friday, and that was a really great experience” said Mr. Mael

Often, the songs are selected to relate to current school events. There are efforts made to get sports teams to play music on the speakers, whether for games or something that may hype them up for practice. After the musical this year, Mr. Donovan even decided to play music from Beauty and the Beast.

In general, the music playing on the speakers seems to be appreciated by most of the student body and staff.

Anya T. said: “I think it makes the students more upbeat on Fridays, and that the songs make them happy.” said Anya T.

The music is sure to continue in the years to come.

Feature image from Ofeky at Creative Commons.

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