The “New Year, New Me” Cliche is Back

Junior Cammy Schiller begins to write her goals for the New Year.

By: Molly C

Every December holiday season ends with the celebration of the incoming year. New Year’s Eve brings along fireworks, staying up all night to ring in the new year, and New Year’s Resolutions. New Years Resolutions are goals set to achieve over the upcoming year, but how many people actually succeed in achieving their goal?
Freshman Maddie C. looks at making New Year’s Resolutions as a time where she is trying to make things better for herself.

Although Maddie does not make resolutions yearly, she has made some for the upcoming new year and plans to stick to them. “Trying harder in school and treating people better are my resolutions,” said Maddie.

Junior Taylor K. feels that New Year’s Resolutions give you something to work towards every year. Taylor plans on making resolutions for the upcoming year as well.

“I usually tend to keep my resolutions, but sometimes it doesn’t always work out,” said Taylor.
Although many people feel like setting a goal to achieve over the next year is helpful in motivating them, others do not feel the same.
Junior Max W. does not feel like New Years Resolutions work out in the end. He has not been making them himself yearly, since he never followed through for one for he had made previously. “I once made one to stop eating junk food, but I broke it after about a week,” said Max.
Sophomore Nick A. agreed with Max, saying that he also is never able to follow through with his resolution in the end. “My resolution usually is to eat healthier,” said Nick. He has not been regularly making resolutions, and does not plan on making any for the upcoming 2015 year. Nick just feels as though these resolutions are never followed through with in the end.
Junior Hannah A. does not like the idea of New Year’s Resolutions. She feels that they generally do not last longer than a week, and if someone wants to change something in their life, they should not be waiting until New Years to change it. Personally, Hannah feels like she doesn’t have the time to focus on anything during the New Year’s season due to the business of it all. “I feel that rather than forcing yourself to change for a short period of time you should try changing your lifestyle,” said Hannah.

What do you think?

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