The Best Breakfast

By Julia F.957a1761-ee32-448c-860f-0018c9a787e2.jpg

Do you like pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon? On Wednesday, November 25th the seniors wear their class t-shirts and gather in the cafeteria for a buffet style breakfast. During the breakfast the seniors find out who receives each superlative.

Most seniors have talked about who they are voting for and who they think will win each superlative. Senior, Shea M. said, “Heron S. will get the superlative for beach bum.” These seniors also agree that Will S. and Lydia B. will get class clowns. Following that, Cam C. said, “Shane S. and Will W. will get hallway wanderers.” Students have declared their predictions.

Seniors have tons of ideas about who will receive superlatives, but which ones would they want to receive? Senior Wes H. said, “I would like to win most musical.” Cam C. says, “I would like to win kid at heart.”

While there are many desirable superlatives, seniors reveal which ones they would not like to receive. Wes H. says, “ Most likely to succeed is too broad, I don’t like it.” Lilly S. says, “I wouldn’t want to win class clown or most gullible.”

These superlatives have been traditions at Duxbury High School for years. Students voiced their ideas about new superlatives that should be added to the list. Wes H. suggested that there should be a superlative “for the loudest student, someone that makes their presence known.” Student council member, Cam A. said, “there should be a superlative for the social media king and queen.” These superlatives could help make the event more inclusive.

Juniors and sophomores think the superlatives are fun and they look forward to their senior breakfast in a couple of years. Junior Kyle K. said, “all upperclassmen should get superlatives.” As a junior he would like to receive superlatives with his class too.

Along with a massive breakfast and the receival of class superlative, the senior photo will also be taken on the field during the event if weather permits.

What do you think?

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