Valentine’s Survival Guide

by Ryan Huang

February is the month of love, the month of affection, and the month of chocolate. As Valentine’s Day approaches and the bonds between people begin to grow stronger, horrible panic ensues as some students realize that they were not prepared for celebrating it with their beloved. However, this guide from a lonely person should be able to assist you in wooing your crush.

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Planning the Date

  • Make sure to call your significant other so they can mentally prepare themselves.
  • Make sure to mentally prepare yourself for any conversations with your date.
  • Decide the location: Fancy Restaurant? Amusement Park? Regular Park? Scenic Living Room?
  • Keep in mind that any inconvenience that may or may not happen during the planning process is no reason to panic, unless it is a little too time-consuming.

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What to bring?

  • Stores may advertise that your beloved would like certain things, but they also think that it’s already Easter, so it’s best to ignore their advice.
  • Ask yourself questions like: Do they really want this giant bag of chocolate? Who are they going to eat it with? Do I even like this type of chocolate?

What? No Date?

  • If you haven’t a crush (or have been woefully rejected), there are still ways to pass the time on Valentine’s day.
  • You could stay inside and watch romantic comedies with your family.
  • Swallow your pride and accept a valentine candy from one of your family members.
  • Play some games to take your mind off all this romance.


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If you are scheduled to go out with someone, the best thing you can do is be yourself. All one has to do is go on a date, bring something nice, and overall, don’t panic.

Good luck on those dates, and remember: I am definitely not qualified to give romantic advice, so you’re on your own for impressing your date in person.

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